Thursday, December 14, 2006

Web 2.0 - should we wait for 3.0?

I really do want Web 2.0 to work. And I want it to work for people like me as well as the A, B and C-list bloggers and inventor-superstars.

I also want ZDNet UK to lead the way. I like them, I used to work there, and they still toss me freelance work from time to time. Their Web 2.0 makeover has all the elements it should to and ought to be really work if anything does.

But that site underlines the still-beta aspect of all this. Check my status: I've got a broken blog that won't let me post. I never send messages, I never get messages, and I've not taken part in any discussion.

And I'm still number 61 in their top 100 members.

Well, I suppose I can say that makes me a sizeable carp in that particular canal.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Save the Theatre Museum!

I can't believe they're going to close the Theatre Museum in London. It's right in Covent Garden, and it's one of the most fun museums I've ever been to.

Here's a photo from a visit some years ago, when Kitty and Hannah were obviously a bit smaller than they are now.

If you haven't been, go there. Soon. And sign the petition to save it.

It really is a fantastic place. There are interactive exhibits for children, workshop sessions on costume and make-up and the like, and a lot of really serious good archive material on the history of the London Theatre.