Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Angel shook my hand...

This chap grabbed me by the hand, near Tower Bridge last week.

I was in Morris gear, bells and ribbons and all, waiting by the pier for some people I was supposed to be dancing with. I had to walk past a film crew who were setting up their lights, mics and so forth - and as I walked past, this guy beamed at me and said "Hey, you're a Morris dancer!" and shook me by the hand.

Afterwards I thought - he was the only one in a suit, he must be an actor. I asked the crew what was filming, and they said Bones.

Any one of my Buffy-crazed family would have recognised him instantly as David Boreanaz (or Angel), and I'm pretty embarassed not to have recognised him myslf.

Still, at least they way it went I didn't make a fool of myself. Apart from the whole Morris dancer thing, of course.

And I'm pleased to say he's a charming man who spontaneously talks to eccentric British people. And no, he didn't seem the least bit worried by the wooden stick I was carrying...