Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fixing an Ikea Ingolf chair

 Mildly satisfying repair work. I fixed an Ikea Ingolf chair that needed spacers. Here's what the chair looks like,

Here's how the corner joint should look, with a black plastic spacer. Without it, the bolt pulls through the wood and the chair leg splays forward.

Three spacers missing from this particularly wobbly chair, and you can't get replacements easily. Although if you have a 3D printer, there are plenty of places you can get a 3D pattern to make your own.

I don't have a 3D printer, but I found a spare bit of metal bracket that I could cut to size and bend.

Here it is in place.

For the other two, I used washers and rubber feet.

Like so...

And screwed into place.

Fingers crossed!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

How DO you put a Facebook Like button on Blogger?

So I thought I'd  tart up my old Blogger blogs, and in the process maybe do stuff like find how to put a Facebook Like button there. Seemed a simple question, turned out it's been a massive waste of time, and you can see from this page I have got nowhere.

There's no straightforward source of information.

A Google search on any question turns up scads of "tutorials" plastered with ads, which all seem to deal with different questions on older version of the platform.

Facebook and Google's forums also seem to be useless.

I can see that Google wouldn't want bend over backwards to get Facebook buttons on Blogger pages (it's remarkably easy to share them on Google+ of course).  But I'd have thought Facebook might at least make a stab at it.

And isn't this a standard task with a standard answer, that could be found somewhere?

Update: it turns out that the share buttons aren't there because I was in an old Blogger layout. They come in automatically it seems if you use the right layout.... only no one tells you that... and they don't seem to actually appear where you want them or how you want them. 

My conclusion so far is that unless there's somewhere that makes Blogger actually usable, I should get the hell out.