Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"I need to find a library - fast!"

That's an immortal line - possibly the only immortal line - from the Da Vinci code. A friend woke up from a profound sleep in the cinema, to hear Tom Hanks say it.

Wouldn't it be a great campaign for our public libraries, infusing them with glamour and excitement?

Hanks and his assistant leap on a double-decker bus and find their way to "Chelsea Library" - a name chosen for familiarity to US viewers (did they reject the Manchester United Library?).

I hope that Dav Vinci Code fans will be following them there. It looks a very nice place, in Chelsea Old Town Hall,

I don't know what happened at the point of the film - and may never find out - but in my mind, I expect they browsed the fiction shelves, joined a book group, looked at the historic costumes collection, did a Yoga class, and went on a local history walk.


Peter Kanssen said...

It's a good library. I've spent many happy hours there.

The registry office just to the left, also part of Chelsea Old Town Hall, is where many famous celebrities get married, and might be familiar to Americans. The steps are the same IIRC

Peter Kanssen said...
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Peter Kanssen said...

It is rather a long way from Westminster Abbey and the Temple church though.
Surely Westminster or the City of London have one or two good libraries that are closer?

"Quick we need a library" - assistant takes out her blackberry or whatever and gos to google