Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TalkTalk's LLU failure -- the final nail

Here's proof that TalkTalk has failed at LLU, from the Guardian:

Dan Gardiner, an analyst at Bridgewell Securities, said while customer
numbers connected by TalkTalk were in-line with expectations, "the most interesting feature of today\'s statement is the admission that only 20,000 of its customers have been migrated onto its unbundled local loop platform so far."

"This is considerably less than our forecast and will have a significant impact on Carphone\'s costs."
That's right. 625,000 signed up. 421,000 are on broadband, so 200,000 are waiting, and costing TalkTalk in callcentre costs and (one expects) eventual cancellations.

Of the 421,000 customers connected, only 20,000 are potentially profitable. The other 400,000 are on BT Wholesale connections. So TalkTalk is buying 400,000 broadband lines from BT, and having to give them away for nothing.

The only way out is to move people to unbundled lines. And it is failing to do so.

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Peter Kanssen said...

so if you give up on them are you going to have to wait ages for a MAC code?
Double Jeopardy ?