Tuesday, January 02, 2007

IT Anthems revived

Yes folks, those corporate songs are back!

I've reconstructed the URLs, and here's a list.

- The earnest harmonies of Honeywell
- The upbeat Ahhh Fujitsu.
- Gibo Groep
- OpenBSD
- Unbelievable... The Power of Sun
- The Free Software Song
- Pass: Ride On
- Worse than a virus outbreak: Checkpoint: We secure the Internet
- Asera rocks the world
- Apple's Greatest Hits
- nVidia, take the world by Soundstorm
- 1-2-3-4-element 5 unplugged
- Sensormatic: I told you we can fly
- I believe in Teradata
- Mindtree: Imagination, Action, Joy!
- Texas Instruments: Fast Forward
- Ericsson WAP rap - in a word, claptrap.
- The industy-defining Ever Onward IBM
- Unisys: We eat, sleep and drink this stuff
- KPMG: the Power of One
- 1-2-3-4 element 5
- Come on board with Blackberry
- Computas - share your knowledge
- A whole bunch of songs in the Hewlett-Packard Roundup
- Corporate Gospel in Ernst&Young Happy Day
- The touching melody of Philips was my first love
- Watch out Sister Sledge - We're AT&T!
- And the hit that started it all: KPMG - our vision of global strategy

ZDNet's blogs are working for me now too - so there's a blog of all this over here.

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Will said...

Thanks! I was digging them out of the www.archive.com

I don't know why this stuff fascinates me, but it is like an entire unknown genre. :)