Friday, August 21, 2009

Flying The Flag

A couple of months ago, a lamp-post appeared outside our house. But one with nothing on the top.

I asked the guy working on it - he came from Thames Water, and was putting in a smart water-meter to monitor the new water main on our street. the meter is in the plastic bollard next to the pole.

The meter is supposed to signal back to Thames Water HQ any leaks or problems - but we have poor mobile phone signal in my street.

So they put up a tall antenna, using a normal lamp-post stem.

It looked sort of unfinished, so I put a flower-pot on the top sith a hook in it, and now we're flying a flag (it's the Cornish flag).

We'd like to fly different flags - any suggestions or offers?


Michelle said...

We've rather taken a shine to the Bavarian flag recently - Would you consider flying that for a day or two?

Gary said...

Being as it's Thames Water, how about a skull and crossbones?

Gymnos said...

What about the State and War Flag and State Ensign of Denmark?

Emily said...

I think we had a conversation about flagpoles years ago. I vaguely remember it ... What a great idea! Given that it is marking water, how about an Aussie style surf/water safety flag.

I like the "swimming prohibited" or the "surfing permitted" ones myself :-)