Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Goodbye summer?

A beautiful morning, but we know summer's on the way out.

Not too many more days of sandals.

Tai Chi in the park, and then a swim at the Lido. I love the Lido - it's an oasis of community in South London. Gets a bit hectic on a hot afternoon, but on a bright morning, it's beautiful.

All the usual people are there, swimming peacefully up and down in the sunshine, discussing their lives. A Peer of the Ream, a beatific grey haired lady with a gap-toothed grin. One woman dives in to join two friends: "I'm only doing two lengths." "Me too, then."

The paint in the changing rooms is peeling, toward the end of the season.

There's two extra weeks on the summer season, but it closes the Friday after next.

Next year, the Lido changes management, it will be run by Fusion, a group that runs other health venues in South London.

There's a User group, BLU, which has a meeting on Saturday 10 September at the Lido. What other AGM gives you coffee and cake first, and a swim afterwards...?

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