Tuesday, September 13, 2005

London Cycling

I love cycling in London - how about a cycling blog? Oh yes, there are plenty of cycling blogs.

What do I like? Getting places quickly, parking easily, having something to talk about and feeling smug and superior. I learned from Richard's Bicycle Book in my youth how good it is to have a vehicle you can build, repair and power all by yourself.

There's a lot of cyclists on the road now - I went into town in the rush hour yesterday and was drawn along in a peletton. Cycled back after a breakfast meeting at Claridges to write a story (eBay bought Skype?), then back to town for meetings in the City (with iAnywhere - part of Sybase) and in Kensington (with Netgear to see their toaster like SAN). Then on, via a huge Subway sandwicth, to dance the Morris outside pubs in Fitzrovia (that's near Russel Square.

Some good dancing (England beat Australia today at cricket, so there's an appetite for English men in white, especially as we adpated some dances to irritate Australians). A couple of pints and a tired cycle back home to Brixton.

I couldn't have done that day as easily, or got as much exercise, any other way.

I'm not interested in bikes - I've a rattling ten-speed.
I'm not even very interested in cycling - I'm average speed.

But cycling is kind of central to what I do.

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